"Campfire Howls" now open for submissions

See what's going on with the cowboy werewolf anthology "Campfire Howls"

"Campfire Howls" now open for submissions

Postby mystichawker » Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:21 pm

Cowboys and Werewolves are an interesting and odd combination. We’re looking for short stories that have these two elements. They can be in any combination such as werewolves who are cowboys, Cowboys who are hunting werewolves, werewolves who are hunting cowboys, you get the idea. The stories can be set in any time period from the old west to outer space as long as the two key elements are there. You can have other Lycanthropes as long as there are werewolves. Sex and gore are alright as long as it fits the story.No gratuitous scenes either way.
We are looking for stories between 2,000 and 10,000 words.
Payment is $5 per story, paid upon publication + one contributor’s copy.
Reprints are alright as long as you let us know, you have the rights, and it’s an outstanding story. We prefer new stories.
We would consider poetry if it fits the theme, payment would be $2.00 per poem, no contributor’s copy.
Please use standard manuscript formatting. Files accepted: .doc, .docx, txt or rtf.
Also include a short two-to-three sentence author bio and don’t forget a link to your webpage.
This anthology will be available in print and ebook, so we will put a live link to your webpage in the ebook format, and on our webpage.
Send submissions as an email attachment to submissions@mystichawker.com. Anything pasted into the body of an email will NOT be read.
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